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I’m a proud canadian, originally from TDOT (aka Tronno, aka Terano, aka Toronto). I moved to tokyo when I was 12, went to middle school and then graduated at the American School in Japan. Tokyo has a VERY special place in my heart. If I were to ever get a tattoo, I would get a thin outline of Japan on my back as a reminder of my amazing experience. My mom opted for a kanji tattoo of ‘Roppongi’, the clubbing district, but that’s a whole other story.

I am obsessed with food and cooking. I literally spend hours on end on urbanspoon looking up restaurants, menus, pictures of food, etc. This obsession of mine started when I began modeling, perfect timing as I now have to eat healthfully and avoid eating all delicious crap I constantly crave. I’ve learned you don’t have to starve yourself to be successful in modeling, and thus work hard at training and cooking for myself to stay in shape.

I am extremely lucky to have a job in the fashion industry, a lifetime dream of mine. I can remember when I was very seeing all the glamorous models strutting down the catwalk on Fashion TV (“was that her boobie mommy”?!) It lets me travel and explore different parts of the world which I appreciate so much. In addition, I’m able to get an inside look at the fashion industry and have learned all about the craftsmanship and handiwork that goes into creating a collection, how e-commerce works, the backstory to runway life and editorial shooting. I learn new things every day, I never get bored, and I am privileged enough to wear some of the most amazing clothes (that no, we often don’t get to keep). For all these reasons, I am exceptionally grateful for what modeling has taught me, where it has brought me and what I will continue to learn in the future. It is an industry that has so much influence on people both inside and outside of the fashion industry I am constantly striving to indulge in all it has to offer.

I love led zeppelin and could listen to their albums on repeat for hours. I could basically listen to any classic rock album for hours on end. ‘Kashmir’, ‘Dazed and Confused’, ‘Black dog’, and ‘Over the hills and far away’ being some of my most played. Pink floyd, ACDC, and neil young are some other favourites. I can also get down to some good ol’ 90’s hip hop tracks. Probably not for my own good…

One of my favourite movies is ‘Stepmom’, I adore Julia Roberts. Matilda, that was always one of my fav kids movies. And I’m always down to watch ‘Scarface’, ‘Blow’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ or ‘Goodfellas’.

Other things I enjoy: traveling, planning/organizing in advance, candles, my grandparents, cupcakes, my golden retriever Yuki chan, Anthony Bourdain, reading on my kindle, cozy blankets, youtubing old Jimmy Fallon interviews, chilling on patios, jack and diet cokes, a night in with friends and wine, cappuccinos while reading/people watching at coffee shops, going to sporting events in other cities and having my team win and being an obnoxious annoying fan, Raptors and Maple Leafs (we’ll win someday!!!), watching old NBA highlights and bloopers, cozy sweatpants, Robert de Niro, the smell of BBQs, going for drives, crunchy peanut butter, feeling sore after a good workout and going fast down a perfectly groomed ski hill.

Whether I post about modeling, health, restaurants, or traveling, I hope whoever reads this enjoys what I have to share.



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