“Paris Attitude”IMG_2782
IMG_2784Paris Letters”
IMG_2799Parisian rainbows
IMG_2807Cafe Amelie on a rainy afternoon…
IMG_2824Wine with my Canadian girl, Charlie Paille
IMG_2854A painter in Paris
IMG_2865Lagerfeld collars
IMG_2866Carl Lagerfeld presentation
IMG_2888Collecting wedding ideas…;)
IMG_2882Arc de coeur
IMG_2897Exploring the artist’s enclave of Montmartre
IMG_2898Lunch for one, Montmartre
IMG_2930My favorite bookstore in the world, Shakespeare & Co
IMG_2922Shakespeare & co interior
IMG_2951With my Canadian girl, Zoe Colivas
Masha Ma, Ready to Wear, Spring Summer, 2013, ParisPraying that I don’t plummet to my death in my 6 inch platforms at Masha Ma