July 28- Stella & Dot Holiday 2014

Behind the scenes with one of my favorite makeup artists, Maki!




















  • Client: Stella & Dot
  • Photographer: Kevin O’Brien and Jon Brown assisting
  • Creative Director: Debbie Leong
  • Makeup: Maki H.
  • Stylist: Hayley Atkin
  • We shot the winter holiday 2014 collection with most of the same crew, this time in New York
  • It was shot at Pier 59 studios, was all about bright bold color blocking and fun holiday prints and metallics
  • The shoot was a ton of fun, there were huge manmade disco balls, a fake snow machine that was held in place over the set and made it look like it was snowing, and tons of cool winter accessories
  • The clients as always were a pleasure working with and made my first job post vacation a breeze!

August 1- Luxury Magazine

  • Client: Luxury Magazine
  • Photographer: Louis Christopher
  • Hair: Takuya Sugawara
  • Stylist and assistant: Bernat Buscato, Anais Codina Sala
  • This was shot for Luxury Magazine, a new high fashion magazine based out of Dubai
  • It was a two girl shoot with shots both outside around Penn station and inside the studio. A mixture of shots with the other model and some singles
  • The styling was outrageous, all of the best new outfits from the fall/winter 2014/15 collections; prada, stella mccartney, celine, etc! All of my favorites!!
  • We shot a lot of the fur, long jackets, cashmere, etc. outside around Penn station during the morning rush hour. It was really exciting and cool to shoot at such an iconic NY location and especially amongst the hustle and bustle of the morning crowd
  • Of course it was HOT, you generally shoot f/w stuff in summer so the stories come out just in time for the new season. That being said, you’re generally shooting winter stuff in the blistering summer months and skimpy summer dresses on the coldest days of winter. Luckily we didn’t shoot too long outside and had some nice breaks in between when changing in our hotel room nearby
  • We shot the rest of the looks inside the studio for a more straightforward, high fashion look with a simple black background to really highlight the beautiful new fall pieces.
  • It was a great crew, we got a ton of looks in and I’m really looking forward to the story (and possible cover!) coming out this fall!