Middle Eastern
(212) 510-7881
30 East 13th St. between University Pl. and 5th Ave. -Union Square

This is by no means a fancy restaurant and it is a rather small joint so I can definitely see it as being more popular for take out. However, my boyfriend and I stayed in two times to eat and both agreed the cozy atmosphere and incredibly delicious food was one of our best quick eat experiences we’ve had in a while… He always gets the falafel which come with their own baked chips and I’m obsessed with their Kruveet dish; Taboon roasted cauliflower, grilled eggplant, hummus, tahini, cilantro. It comes in a cute little skillet with yellow or brown rice and has consistently been one of the most satisfying dishes. Amazing falafel and incredibly fresh flavors all around!

Feature image found on: cookingminute.com