Yoga is a favorite pastime of mine, one that not only helps me maintain a long lean figure, but one that substantially enhances my mental clarity and happiness. It’s an essential primary food, something that feeds my mind body and soul (that isn’t necessary a food substance). I use my primary foods, positive relationships, a job I love, and spirituality, to fuel myself through my busy New York lifestyle. Here are some of my favorite yoga videos, all free on Youtube! A mix of calming relaxation practices and one’s that I use as a workout. Enjoy!

45 min Butt Kicking Yoga Routine

  • The first time I did this video, I thought I was going to die. It’s a rather difficult workout and definitely gets your blood pumping and sweat flowing
  • However, I stuck with it and continued to do it whenever I didn’t feel like going to the gym and now its a workout that still makes me sweat but is manageable
  • It’s a full body workout but geared more towards the legs (more so than yoga with Adriene I find)

45 Min Triple Set Fusion Workout

  • This workout keeps your heart rate going while integrating pilates, yoga poses as well as some cardio sets
  • You do two full sets for roughly 15 minutes each and then a final set that they cut the time in half but pump up the intensity a bit so you finish quicker and on a high note
  • The two girls are really fun, keep you motivated have great personalities and are easy to listen to (which we all know can make or break a great workout video)
  • They have a bunch of other videos depending on what you feel like working that day

Grounding Afternoon Yoga Practice

  • This is a great calming yoga routine that helps me de-stress and stretch out my entire body
  • It’s a good full body workout and leaves you feeling extremely calm at the end, so much so you may find yourself falling asleep!

45 Min Yoga Workout

  • Adriene makes this workout breeze by with her jokes and fun attitude
  • I love the beginning as it really works your core area and after doing this video at least once a week I noticed a difference in my ability to keep up with her pace
  • I do this video if I’m not in the mood to go to the gym