with the changing of the seasons comes the remembrance of fall’s past, an admiration of current fall experiences and the expectations of the next few months that will create new autumn memories.

it started around a week ago where new york finally changed from a downtown conglomerate of urban sticky sweat to a breathable cool city that seemed to help everyone relax and ease into the new temperatures. for me, i found my moods immediately uplifted as i prepared for my absolute favourite season.

it first sparked the memories of my chalet in toronto where we would head up on weekends, enjoying the changing of the leaves in the gem of a valley, comically enough called ‘beaver valley’. although beaver valley was our second winter home where we would predominantly ski, (and almost importantly apres ski), the fall was when you could enjoy the nature and colours of canada that you really can’t experience in any big city to the same degree (i.e. downtown toronto and of course new york city).

that was the past and here i am experiencing autumn in manhattan, a place i realize has it’s own way of jumping into the new season, one givenchy boot at a time. for one, as mentioned it no longer constantly smells that badly of piss. (a huge plus). and everyone begins to update their wardrobes which now being in the fashion industry is especially exciting. no longer do we have little room to express ourselves while trying to stay cool in minimal clothing. now we are free to drape layer upon layer of exciting new knits and tweeds, jean jackets, pea coats and your staple leather of course.

we can now enjoy coffee that we all (at least i find) tastes so much better warm than iced. we make our way to work- toasted, creme bruleed lattes in hand to shield you from the morning briskness. as the sun shines throughout the day, we take notice in things that have been missing for the past few months. the little kids playing on the playground next door with their fall coats is adorable and as they run, crunching on the few leaves that have began to fall i find i’m always stopping briefly to enjoy this moment. (i happen to live right next to a playground that is filled with little kids running around playing before and after school which is amazingly comforting).

the union square market is beginning to fill up with autumn squashes and pumpkins that are now in season. the variety of shades from yellow to burnt orange and red never looked so fresh. the apple cider is warming up as well which will taste amazing with the protein pumpkin loafs and spiced carrot cakes i will soon make. i have yet to attempt any of these recipes however have a growing list of healthy instagram-ers i follow that post an immense amount of treats from baked spiced apples to sqaush soups and carrot purees that would warm me up on the cool fall days to come.

lastly i look forward to the future, both weeks and months ahead. soon will be canadian thanksgiving in boston where i will visit my family, perhaps go apple picking and then enjoy a sunday of tailgating and footballing (and praying to meet tom and gisele naturally). then about a month later, american thanksgiving (which i will again take advantage of the holiday and head back ‘home’) accompanied by my boston friends for a belly-stuffing dinner. (and of course post turkey food coma cuddles that will naturally occur). there will be the point in which the breeze becomes too cool and we’ll use hugging and fire places to keep warm. the smell of fire burning being a top contender for absolute favourite scents.

fall, i LOVE you!

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