it started yesterday. i received an important casting to attend before my 2pm train to boston. was a little annoyed at first as this would leave less time to work out and enjoy my morning but then quickly realized my agents are just trying to get me jobs… how could i be annoyed! now over my miniature irritation, i planned my day. i would get up around 10, make my breakfast while watching say yes to the dress, fit in a quick workout at the gym then head to my 12 o clock casting. afterwards i’d chill at starbucks and make my way to the train station. perfect! if anyone knows me really well, i’m kind of a planning-ahead-everything-must-be-perfect type of person. not really a perfectionist, but more someone who can’t easily adjust when things don’t go according to plan. (i am working on this!)

anywaysss of course plans changed quickly after (as always) and i received another casting later in the night that was scheduled for 9am the next morning. fuck. this really ruined my plans. i would have to go to bed earlier, get up earlier, possibly skip my workout….
but now i had 2x the opportunity at landing a job. again, i soon realized it was stupid to be annoyed. it’s better than not being busy and having nothing to do, right?
so i ended up setting my alarm for 650am (to get myself to work out before the 9am casting… that obviously didn’t happen) waking up around 745, having my oats and salad and walking a half hour to the casting in the west side. (transport from east to west is annoying so i figured i’d just walk). got to my 9am casting on time and there were some familiar faces already waiting. caught up with all my good friends and waited for this casting to start. the security guard informed us there wasn’t any 9am casting scheduled and that there was something going on at 10 but he wasn’t sure if it was what we were waiting for. greeeeatttt the clients are going to be late and i’m going to have to wait longer than i planned/hoped. all the other models are just waiting around but me (being the impatient fuck) called my agent and asked him to contact the clients and see what was going on. he checked then texted me back something along the lines of “sorry its actually from 11-3!”
……………whattttttt the fakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. PISSED/ENRAGED/SUPERANNOYED!!!! i told all the other models and we shared our “urg seriously-s!?!?” while strategizing whether to wait, go home, go for a coffee, or what. while some planned to go for a starbucks, i heard the security guard exchange his opinion over the situation. not exactly rudely, he informed us we were lucky to even have the luxury of being able to “go for a coffee” while we waited. he works all day, then goes to school all night afterwards, evidently unable to afford a tall skinny vanilla latte. i didn’t say anything back but just walked outside thinking whether i should go home or not. but inside i was thinking anything other than the quick goodbye i gave him as i exited the building. thoughts that crossed my mind “i really don’t care you can’t afford a coffee but do you understand my agency screwed up the times and now my whole morning is ruined!?!? RUINEDDD!! i mean i could have WORKED OUT for christ sake!!! why could he not sympathize with us for 1 bloody second!?!”
annoyed (a reoccurring theme this morning), i walked (another 30 mins) back home, cleaned my place, got my stuff together for boston and headed soon after out the door so i could be early for the (now) 11am casting.
while walking back however, i thought to myself how i always get really pissed off in these types of situations. sometimes overly, but still. how could i make this better?? there has to be a lesson learned from everything that just happened. so i thought first about the agency and how much stuff they have to deal with. it was a little mistake, yes annoying but shit happens like that and they’re not only dealing with my schedule. they have to work with hundreds of other models with last minute schedule changes. i was still going to make the 11 casting so whats the big deal?? ok so i was over that. now about this security guard. i thought about what he had said. or rather his lack of sympathizing and agreeing that all our mornings had in fact been screwed up.
i’m usually pretty conscientious about my money. that being said i do have the luxury of affording my daily cappuccinos and hanging out at a good cafe in between castings/jobs, or just because. he didn’t. and he didn’t care admitting it to 6 models. i then kind of admired him for voicing his opinion and started to think about how lucky i really was in comparison to a lot of people in the world. so i thought i’d bring him a coffee. i mean it’s a small gesture but hopefully he would appreciate it and it would change his views on models (which i can assure he had labeled as spoiled brats from our previous episode..) now happy and in a good mood, i walked into the casting only to see a new security guard in his place!! “where did the other guy go!?” “oh he went on a break, he’ll be back later” explains new security guard…. greattttt!! so i left the coffee with him, telling him to give it to him when he returns. alas, another unexpected, unplanned series of events…:-\ oh well at least i sort of learned my lesson:P
now i’m on my 2pm (that actually took off at 2:30……….) train sitting next to a larger set lady as she takes out two fajitas to eat. the smell…. ohhhh the smell is absolutely killing me!! i didn’t plan on sitting next to someone who would eat this unhealthy crap right in front of me, but a huge part of me wanted to just grab those overstuffed taco bell bundles of deliciousness out of her hands and devour that sht!!! but then she started unrolling them…. and just eating the chicken and lettuce out of it like a salad!! SOO something i would do. now instead of being annoyed at her for eating something i craved so badly, i kind laughed at the whole irony of the situation as i smiled while getting up to go get myself something to eat.

lessons learned:

be more flexible, humble, understanding, patient, and grateful :)