Bunna Cafe
Ethiopian, Vegan
(347) 295-2227
1084 Flushing Ave. between Porter Ave. and Varick Ave. -EAST WILLIAMSBURG

As part of my boyfriend and I’s New Year’s resolution, we set out to explore new areas of NY outside of the Manhattan area we’re used to. I had recently seen Bunna Cafe reviewed on Time Out NY as a healthy Ethiopian spot in the Bushwick, East Williamsburg area and therefore thought it as a great option to start; a new neighborhood and a new cuisine! We head out one Saturday afternoon, worked up our appetites at an (awesome!) vintage store near the restaurant (urbanjungle.com) and then hit up the much anticipated Ethiopian joint. We were warmly greeted by the waitstaff and seated immediately in the warm, cozy atmosphere. There was tea and coffee brewing on the open stove top in the middle of the restaurant, a few large groups gathering for lunch, but overall it was relatively quiet. Unfortunately we couldn’t order from the main menu and had to get something for brunch (I had my hear set on the platter for two, a feast of many different types of traditional Ethiopian stews, veggies and meats atop of an injera- sourdough flatbread). Although different, the dishes we got were spectacular! I still can’t decide between the Chechebsa- Crumbled teff bread with berbere and olive oil and served with cashew ergo, the Butecha- A vegan scramble. Ground chickpea stuffing mixed with onion, peppers, garlic, and ginger, or the Kosta- Sauteed swiss chard with potato and onion as my favorite. All were incredibly scrumptious and went well together with each bite. Hit it up!! It’s definitely going to get busier as Bushwick gentrifies and becomes the new Williamsburg…..










Featured image found on: bushwickdaily.com