• 1) Coconut oil
  • 2) Cauliflower
  • 3) Broccoli
  • 4) Mushrooms
  • 5) Garlic, garlic salt, pepper, franks hot sauce, sugar free ketchup
  • 6) 2 organic free range eggs 
  • 7) Braggs liquid aminos  


  • 1) Cut cauliflower into florets and then blend on low in blender until ‘rice’ consistency
  • 2) Start pan frying caulk rice in a tablespoon of coconut oil. Add slivers of 1 garlic clove, mushroom, and broccoli
  • 3) Splash a bit of braggs liquid amino acids and continue to fry
  • 4) Add one whole organic free range egg and the egg white from one more egg. Mix up and scramble on pan. (Alternatively you can fry an egg sunny side up separately and place on top of cauliflower rice stir fry).
  • 5) Top with ketchup and hot sauce (if desired)