• 1) Cauliflower head
  • 2) Olive oil spray
  • 3) Garlic Salt


  • Break up cauliflower off head into small chunks
  • Throw in vitamix or blender and blend raw cauliflower on low until ‘rice’ consistency (You will have to do this a few times as the vitamix won’t blend full head amount)
  • Throw all of it in olive oil sprayed wok or large frying pan and fry on medium heat for 10-15 minutes until browned.
  • Add garlic salt to taste and spray with olive oil occasionally (I like using butter flavored spray as it’s nice with the cauliflower however you can use real butter or olive oil if you prefer)
  • Pictured above is the raw cauliflower right before cooking-this is what the texture should look like