(212) 777-8424
99 3rd Ave between 12th and 13th Street- EAST VILLAGE

Extensive menu with flavorful thai tang, good amount of food and cool interior design. Dim lighting, lots of wood, busy and lively. Perhaps a bit too loud for some but it didn’t bother me. For us the service was a bit slow and inattentive. Had to ask a few times for a fork and the bill took longer than I would have liked, although I was with a good friend catching up so it didn’t matter to us.

The food was really good, modern thai comfort food with some light healthy apps/main options.  We ordered fresh calamari to share that came with a spicy lime chili dip. For my main I got pad thai with zucchini noodles which was just as good as the real stuff. The dish was flavorful, filling and lived up to my expectations. (I make a pretty damn good zucchini noodle dish at home so I wanted it to be different enough from my own so that I didn’t feel like I could just make the dish at home, which it was.)  The drinks looked really good too although we just stuck to our water.

It was a cool place but I can’t see myself craving to go back anytime soon. It’s a great spot for some tangy thai dishes and a lively atmosphere and  it’s good to try if your in the area however I wouldn’t go if you’re only in New York for a couple days and looking for something different.









Featured image found on: examiner.com