Tarallucci E Vino Cafe
Coffee & Tea, Sandwiches, Wine Bar
(212) 388-1190
163 1st Ave between 11th and 10th St- EAST VILLAGE

Have walked by this joint a lot but never ventured in. Was craving some wine and cheese so thought it looked like a good option. It was cute and cozy and had everything we needed, good cheese, wine and friendly service. We ordered a lot of apps to share, three cheeses for $16, a couple bruschettes for $4 each and Proscuitto di Parma.

I wasn’t too sure which wine to have so I told them what I like and they let me try a couple before I made my choice with a nice, full bodied oaky red. It paired beautifully with our dinner and was a great find. The service was nice as mentioned which I really appreciate, especially in New York. You can find a ton of good food but if the service is crap, I have a ton of other options and most likely will not go back.

I gave this restaurant a 7/10 because I have definitely had better cheese before. The interior was cozy but it wasn’t exclusively a wine bar. It had casual elements that cater to it’s cafe atmosphere during the day but wasn’t necessarily outstanding as a dinner spot. It was great but nothing over the top but I’m happy we tried it out!

They have a side patio as well, perfect for East Village people watching in the warm weather.


Featured image found on: giltcity.com