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Came here once with the boyfriend and we were both able to get exceptional burgers! I got a chicken burger with lettuce as the bun and he got the Supreme: Colby Jack, country bacon, chopped fries, green leaf lettuce, Bareburger onion rings and Bareburger special sauce. Recommended with beef. (ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!) Naturally his burger was exceptional, mouthwatering and one of the best bites I’ve ever had.

Usually one of us has to compromise and either cheat a bit or eat healthier than preferred but the fact we could both order what we wanted was great. You can customize your own dream burger or go with some of their pre fixes. There’s a ton of options for burgers, sides, salads, shakes, and drinks that make it an easy spot many will enjoy. Staff was really friendly, they had tvs with nba on and it had a much nicer interior than I expected for a burger joint. Onion rings were the absolute bomb as well.

It was really cold out when we came here and we sat near the front of the restaurant and there was a bit of a draft. Sit further in the back of the restaurant if it’s cold, otherwise it’s an awesome spot in the summer with a patio as well! (This is for the 2nd ave location, they have many other locations)

Image found on: bareburger.com