Pasticceria Rocco
(212) 242- 6031
243 Bleeker St between Carmine St and Leroy St-WEST VILLAGE

Came here strictly for dessert. It was late Saturday night, extremely busy and extremely worth it. I wanted cake so we trekked far away out of our comfort zone (aka east village) and headed over to the west side. The service was alright but again they were really really busy so I really couldn’t care less. Honestly it kind of added to the excitement and buzz of the whole place. The people sitting next to us were really annoyed with the service and lack of attention they were given but they seemed kind of high maintenance and looked like they would have much preferred a quiet, calm atmosphere (not one of the busy, NY must-see tourist spots for desserts late Saturday night- not to be too judgmental or anything…)

Anyways sitting right in front of the cake display I couldn’t have been happier. After debating between the chocolate cheese cake and the red velvet cheesecake with cream cheese frosting for a good 15 minutes I decided on the chocolate cheesecake. And then when he came to take my order, I switched last minute to the red velvet and could not have been happier with my decision. I WAS ON CLOUD 9 and possibly one of the happiest customers in that restaurant crappy service and all. Usually I order something and then regret it right away but this literally was one of the best slices of heaven I had ever have and I’ve literally had dreams about it since, haha.

It’s a fun spot with a lot of options for dessert/teas/coffees and specialty lattes. You can order take out or stay if you choose. There are a TON of options and you really won’t be disappointed with what you order, everything we saw looked amazing! It’s a New York staple that puts smiles on both tourist and local faces. It’s not going anywhere!















(Side note I’m not even drunk in this picture although my appearance looks otherwise… I’m just extremely happy and loving life)















Cream cheese frosting, layer of cheesecake, cream cheese frosting, layer of red velvet, cream cheese frosting, layer of cheesecake, cream cheese frosting, and layer of red velvet…. amazing.






















We went back again.! The peanut butter cheesecake was out of this world. I also may or may not have helped my boyfriend finish his cannoli (which was incredible!!!)

Featured image found on: nuok.it