• For their ‘Moscow mules’ and ‘dark and stormys’ they give you a nice tin cup which is kinda cool
  • The drink they infuse with wood burning smoke is really good but we preferred the Wayland’s version (“I Hear Banjos-encor!”)
  • Although this place is a ‘speakeasy’ and a bit hidden, it’s quite popular and you will have to wait in sometimes a 20 minute long line after 9pm to get a seat. The Japanese staff are attentive and know their stuff so it can be worth the wait if you feel like something different, dark and intimate
  • You can’t make reservations and can’t have a party larger than four-it’s a really small place

Speak Low

  • Amazingly strong, crisp and clean, this Japanese inspired drink is a must try! It comes in your ideal heavy bottom crystal glass with a large ice cube to keep the drink chilled without getting watered down. It’s quite strong but manageable and a nice drink to lightly sip on throughout the night.

Whip the Mule

  • From what I remember (I’ve been to this place many times and have made an effort at trying something new each time) this drink was extremely refreshing and heavy on the ginger, just the way I like it. Sadly, it’s hard to find the menu online and the drinks change quite frequently so I can’t remember any other components. Try it out if you like ginger!