• I believe you need reservations for this cool speakeasy however they let it slide for our group of five as they weren’t too busy that night
  • The outside is pretty unmarked, no windows, etc. all blacked out but once you step inside it’s a cozy environment with couches, a beautiful bar and grand piano in the corner where they sometimes have live music
  • Their menu changes regularly but if there’s something you fancy you don’t see on the menu you can always ask them to create your own personal confection
  • If you happen to go and these items are on the menu, try the “Heisenberg” which is light, refreshing and tastes like how you would imagine the beach smells‚Ķ. Sounds weird but it was really quite delicious. My mom got the “Umeboshi Fizz” which she said wasn’t anything special

La Medicacion

  • Raw, spicy with a kick, this drink was heavy on the ginger and absolutely delicious. It came in an heavy bottom crystal glass topped with candied ginger on top, a perfect sweet ending to the intense drink

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