• The wayland has a great southern ambiance and is a great spot to indulge in a few creative cocktails while shooting down 1$ oysters at happy hour and listening to some sick tunes
  • It’s the only place in NY I’ve been to at least 20 times, there’s just something about their interior, drinks and atmosphere that feels like I can’t experience anywhere else (or at least as good as it is at the wayland)
  • It gets quite loud/busy 8pm onwards so if I’m looking for a chill catch up with a friend I’ll try and go before then. If you’re looking to show someone from out of town something very NY, this is a great spot to hit up!
  • Their menu changes weekly but they generally have a few of the crowd favorites (“kale margarita” and “i hear banjos”) all the time. Another one I constantly order that is usually on the menu tastes like a frothier, spicier version of the Kale Margarita; the “Smoke and Roasted” which consists of Mezcal, pineapple, chipotle-infused agave nectar, lemon, chili salt
  • Kale Margarita

    • Blue agave blanco tequila, ginger & kale juice, lime juice, agave nectar and smoked sea salt
    • This drink is exceptionally smooth, has enough bite with the ginger and smoked chipotle sea salt rim and makes me feel like I’m being relatively healthy by having some kale;)

    I Hear Banjos – encore!

    • This moonshine drink is great for whiskey lovers; super strong and bold but not too overpowering. Great smoked apple pie flavors
    • They give it to you with a cup of applewood smoke on top that you let sit for a sec, take off and then take a long whiff before you sip- it’s the perfect start to an even more perfect drink

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