The Black Ant
(212) 598-0300
60 2nd Ave. between East 3rd and 4th St. -EAST VILLAGE

At my friend’s suggestion, we headed to the hip, new bug cafe in the east village. As she put it, soon enough everything is going to be extinct and our future generation will have to start resourcing to bugs so we might as well get used to it now. Surprising to many who know me (I’m terrified of bugs) my boyfriend, friend and I set out to nosh on some grasshoppers and ants! The atmosphere was cool-lots of moss, earthy tones that naturally, went well with the menu. It was really packed but we were seated at a nice booth thanks to our reservations. We were guided through the menu which consisted of non bug dishes, subtle bug dishes, and full on bugs life you are about to eat a huge ass grasshopper dishes. We ordered a few delicious cocktails (get the ginger, beet something margarita, it was amazing!). We got a ton of dishes to make sure we got the full on Black Ant experience. Guac with crushed ants (subtle), guac with huge ass grasshoppers (not subtle at all). Both were incredibly delicious. I can’t say I’d order the grasshopper dish again but it was definitely worth trying and the food in itself was insanely delicious and flavorful. Fish tacos with crushed ants used as a fried coating of the fish was off the charts, definitely my favorite dish! Overall we had a great, fun new experience and enjoyed all our dishes.




















Featured image found on: thrillist.com